Friday, April 28, 2017

Justin Bieber Drops $15K On Pink Sapphire Grill

Justin Bieber purchased himself a $15,000 pink grill to floss in.

It looks like Justin Bieber just copped himself a brand new pink grill. According to TMZ, the Purpose singer purchased the sapphire pink grill for around $15,000 last week.

The mouthpiece was customized by LA jeweler Gold Teeth God, who was reportedly flown out to Miami by Bieber last week to do an impression of his teeth.

As Gold Teeth God points out, the grill is a combination of pink sapphire and rose gold, with 6 teeth both covering the top and the bottom. It comes with 6 karats of sapphire and apparently took about five days to make.

You can check out Beibs wearing the grill in the clip (below), as well as a closer look at it. Thoughts?

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